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The Leica S-System is a synthesis of impressive imaging quality, the unique visual signature of medium format photography and the versatility of a 35mm camera. With these features, it unites the best of both worlds, defining a unique class of its own.

This unique class can be attributed to the perfect harmonisation of all of its individual components: with lenses created of unrivalled Leica quality for all applications and genres of photography and a large sensor developed exclusively for Leica in the unique Leica ProFormat. The S-System leads the way in terms of resolution and dynamic range and delivers a level of performance that is still apparent even in available light situations. Its precision-engineered, ultra-high-speed shutter mechanisms, a special image processor and predictive autofocus enable fast sequential shooting, thus combining the unique image quality of the larger format with the fast responses of a 35mm camera.

Discover an integrated system of precisely matched components and experience photographs with the legendary Leica look. Discover the Leica S-System – the new state-of-the-art in medium format.

Key Features:

- 64 megapixel sensor Leica ProFormat 30x45
- 15 stops dynamic range
- Cine 4k medium format video
- FPS focal plane shutter/ CS central shutter with Leica CS-Lenses
- 3 frames per second
- GPS/WiFi integrated
- Weather sealing and dust protection
- 16 Leica S-Lenses with focal lengths ranging from 24 to 180mm
  • Material

    Magnesium body with non-slip rubber armouring. Magnesium top deck, aluminium baseplate. Stainless steel bayonet and control elements

  • Image Sensor

    64 million pixels

  • Exposure Metering

    Exposure metering through the lens (TTL)

  • Exposure Bracketing

    3 or 5 exposures; 1/2, 1, 2, 3 stop(s)

  • Shutter Speed

    2 minutes (depending on ISO setting) to 1/4000 s, in half-stop increments

  • Burst Rate

    Up to 3 fps

  • Self-Timer

    2 s or 12 s, with mirror pre-release

  • Flash Synch Time

    Focal plane shutter: 1/125 s; Central shutter (leaf shutter): Up to 1/1000 s; High-speed Sync: up to 1/4000 s (with compatible external flash units)

  • Viewfinder

    Pentaprism viewfinder with high-eyepoint eyepiece, illuminated LCD bar

  • Viewfinder Info

    Levelling aid (horizon), shutter speed, exposure control mode, aperture, flash status, exposure compensation scale, flash sync display, focus indicator, exposure compensation, remaining exposures (on storage medium), buffer memory, error messages, ISO set

  • Resolutions

    921,600 pixels

  • Data Formats

    Lossless compressed DNG, DNG + JPEG

  • White Balance

    Presets: Daylight, cloudy, shade, incandescent, fluorescent, HMI, halogen warm, halogen cool, flash, tungsten grey card, grey card Live View, automatic, colour temperature (Kelvin)

  • Storage Media

    CF cards (max. UDMA 7), SD-/SDHC-/SDXC- < 512 GB memory cards UHS-I (recommended), UHS-II, 4K video recordings can only be stored on SD cards (UHS-I)

  • Video Recording Format

    4K cinema and full-HD in Leica ProFormat (large format video)

  • Buffer Memory

    2 GB buffer memory, up to six lossless compressed DNG image files, JPEG no limit (dependent on memory card type, shutter speed and ISO setting)

  • Remote Control

    Lemo® cable remote release

  • Interface

    HDMI type C socket

  • GPS


  • Dimensions

    160 × 80 × 120 mm

  • Weight

    ~ 1260 g (without battery)

  • Focusing

    Predictive TTL autofocus with central cross sensor and phase detection

  • Size

    30 x 45 (Leica ProFormat)

  • Aspect Ratio


  • Dynamic Range

    Up to 15 f-stops

  • Low-pass Filter / IR Filter

    No (for maximum detail resolution/sharpness) / On the sensor

  • AF Modes

    AFs (single) = focus priority, AFc (continuous) = predictive focus tracking, manual override of AF settings is possible at any time

  • Manual Focus

    Via lens with electronic focusing aid

  • Metering Modes

    Multi-segment (five fields), centre-weighted, selective/spot metering (3.5% of image frame)

  • Exposure Control

    Programme AE (with manual shift) (P), shutter speed priority (T), aperture priority AE (A), manual exposure control (M)

  • Exposure Compensation

    +/- 3 EV (in half-stop increments)

  • ISO Sensitivity

    ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800, ISO 1600, ISO 3200, ISO 6400, ISO 12500, ISO 25000, ISO 50000, auto ISO

  • Shutter

    Focal plane shutter, central shutter with Leica CS lenses

  • Mirror Pre-release


  • Viewfinder Coverage

    Approx. 98%

  • Monitor Screen

    3-inch TFT LCD display

  • Flash Connection

    Lemo® flash sync socket, hot shoe with centre and control contacts

  • Date/time

    Manual or automatic date/time setting with GPS module

  • Levelling

    Display sensitivity < 1° (at ambient temperatures from 0–40°C)

  • Interfaces

    With Audio-Adapter S (audio-in, audio-out)

  • Dust Proof/ Splash Proof


  • Resolution Video

    Full-HD: 1920 x 1080 p, 4K cinema: 4096 x 2160 p

  • Review Modes

    Full image, histogram with clipping, focus peaking, exposure information

  • GPS


  • WLAN

    802.11n standard, integrated in camera, camera and picture control via smartphone or tablet app

  • USB

    Lemo® USB 3.0 SuperSpeed

  • Scope of Delivery

    Leica S3, Camera Cap (16021), Viewfinder Cap (16015), Camera Strap (16037), Battery BP-PRO1 (16039), Quick Charger (incl. power adapters) (16009), LemoUSB3.0 Cable S (16040), Flash Sync Cable S (16031)

  • AF Lock

    Shutter release or five-way joystick

  • Shutter Drive Modes

    Single, continuous, interval, self-timer 2 s /12 s (with mirror pre-release)

  • Frame Rate

    Full-HD: 24, 25, 30 fps, 4K cinema: 24 fps

  • Video - File Format

    MOV (motion JPEG)

  • Video - Exposure Control

    Manual and automatic

  • Video - Audio Level

    Manual and automatic

  • Video - (Audio Onboard)

    Integrated stereo microphone. 48 kHz, 16 Bit

  • Video - Audio (External)

    Audio-in (3.5 mm stereo jack), Audio-out (3.5 mm stereo jack), with Leica Audio-Adapter-S

  • Video - Time Code


  • Video - Miscellaneous

    Focus peaking, clean uncompressed full-HD (1080p) 8-Bit, 4:2:2, HDMI video stream for recording on off-camera HDMI recorders

  • Live View - Refresh Rate

    Up to 60 fps

  • Live View - Focusing

    Manual, AF metering field shift to any part of the viewfinder image

  • Live View - Exposure Control

    Multi-segment (five fields), centre-weighted, selective/spot (linked to AF metering field)

  • Live View - Exposure Simulation


  • Live View - Miscellaneous

    Histogram with clipping, focus peaking, levelling aid (horizon), exposure information

  • Viewfinder - Magnification

    0.87x (with 70 mm lens at infinity, 0 dpt.)

  • Viewfinder - Diopter Compensation

    –3 to +1 dioptres

  • Viewfinder - Focusing Screens

    Exchangeable: standard focusing screen with AF cross hairs and spot marking (supplied with the camera), focusing screen with engraved grid, microprism focusing screen

  • Display - Colour Space

    sRGB, 16 million colours

  • Display - Oblique Viewing Angle


  • Display - Cover Glass


  • Display - Top-Deck Display Panel

    Monochrome LCD display

  • Shooting Drive Modes

    Single, continuous, interval, self-timer 2 s with mirror pre-release, self-timer 12 s with mirror pre-release

  • Flash Triggering Point

    Sync on first or second curtain (FPS)

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