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KC Eng

KC Eng

KC started his career as an engineer in the Republic of Singapore Air Force. He remembered vividly the day when he caught the sun setting behind a squadron of fighter jets, creating an unforgettable vision of majesty and beauty. From that day, he has never stopped chasing light and shadows. He left the air force in 2003 to launch his photographic career, working on advertising and editorial assignments for corporations that include Citibank, Singapore Airlines, and Ritz Carlton, amongst others. Never forgetting his initial vision, KC would portray the juxtaposition of light, shadows, geometry and time in all his photographs to evoke a feeling, bring back a memory, and to tell a story. Realising that his love for imagery extends beyond work; KC has pursued personal projects that bring together his vision of fine art, travel and street photography. KC has been a Leica Akademie instructor and Leica SL Ambassador since 2016, and his work has been showcased in various local and international exhibitions and publications.

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