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Ara Güler, born 1928 in Istanbul, is arguably Turkey's most eminent photographer having captured the everyday life of the city's inhabitants for over 60 years. His work has been featured across international titles - Time, Life, Stern and Paris Match to name a few. Despite years of being on the road and photographing famous luminaries, Güler's heart remains rooted in Istanbul. He bears witness to its many changes, and continues to find inspiration photographing the city with his Leica camera. A testament to the responsibility he carries as a photojournalist, Güler once said, "photography is not an art, it is more important than art".

Ara Güler is the recipient of the Leica Hall of Fame Award 2016. The exhibition 'Memories of Istanbul' is scheduled to run in Leica Galerie Singapore at the Fullerton Hotel from 24 June 2017 till 31 July 2017*.

*Subject to change.


Leica Galerie Singapore presents the opening of Odyssey: Picturing and Imagining the Okavango Delta, an exhibition by Singaporean photographer Alwyn Chong. His images are the result of a two-week expedition in the delta, a UNESCO World Heritage site in northwest Botswana characterized by permanent marshlands and seasonally flooded plains. They evoke the enchantment of a place that calls us home to nature.

Alwyn's gallery is on display from 13 January 2017 to 5 February 2017.

EN EL CAFÉ by Francisco Marin

In conjunction with the Embassy of Mexico in Singapore, Leica Camera Asia Pacific presents the exhibition En El Café by Mexican photographer, Francisco Marin. A wonderful discovery and appreciation of café cultures across cities, his photos explore the presence and shyness of human interaction; capturing beauty in its moments with deep thoughts and conversations.

Francisco's gallery is on display from 9 December 2016 to 9 January 2017.


Beyond Boundaries presents Laxmi Kaul and her journey with the people and nomads of Kashmir, where life is about simplicity, serenity and sincerity. What goes on around the borders? Sometimes life is about the unplanned moments, the appreciation of nature and how civilisations interact.

Laxmi shares, “I have been lucky to capture some beautiful moments and experience several real stories. I will continually follow up on these stories as I feel a strong connect with the place and people. They keep pulling me back for more.”

Laxmi Kaul connects with spirituality in daily life and travels with a patriotic zeal. She believes the camera is her tool and photography is an extension of her very being.

Laxmi's gallery is on display from 28 October 2016 to 7 December 2016.

VISIONS. A passage of cultural diversity, by Justin Ong

Justin Ong is an intrepid; a geographical traveller who enjoys navigating new lands with a foldable map in hand. Born in safe Singapore, the Leica SL Ambassador has, among other things, been an Asian Geographic Photojournalist, The Philippine Star Correspondent and the International Peace Foundation Photographer.

VISIONS is a quick glance into Justin’s new found relationship with Leica Camera, in which his vision is represented in various perspective and ways. Believing that a camera can alter the way we interact with the world, his documentation from the isolated North Korea to the mountains of Indonesia presents a work of rediscovery.

Justin's gallery is on display from 9 September 2016 to 26 October 2016.

Uzbekistan Gallery by Leica Akademie Singapore

Leica Akademie Singapore is proud to invite you to an exhibit of photographs captured by participants in a recent travel photography workshop to historical Uzbekistan in March 2016. This collection will be on display until the end of August 2016.

#BUROGIVESBACK by Ivanho Harlim

Inspired by her travel to Africa in 2014, Rosalynn Tay has decided to put together and showcase her images of the ancient and historical Ethiopia captured by her beloved Leica camera. The juxtaposition of Ethiopia’s rugged landlocked environment and the seemingly easy going nature of it‘s inhabitants inspired her to produce the wonderous and personal images that will be on display from 26 May 2016.

Leica X-hibition

The Leica X unites everything that defines the art of photography in an iconic Leica design statement: the joy of seeing unforgettable moments in a particularly personal way.

Left Behind II

Two years ago, we brought awareness of the harsh realities of children living on the streets to your knowledge.Leica Camera Asia Pacific was proud to work alongside non-profit organisation, ANAK TNK, once again for the opening reception of “Left Behind II”, with photographs by Mathias Heng.

Mark Shaw: An Asian Debut

Shaw has been known for his works with iconic and well-known personalities and celebrities. In this Asian debut, expect to come up close with intimate images which depict the magic of Picasso’s studio.

Happiness Is A Place

In a recent trip with Leica Akademie to Bhutan, participants learnt and experienced the joys of travel photography with Leica Camera.

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